Welcome to my space to create and help others move their lives in directions that were once limited by their minds, 


  perspectives, and fears.

I started my career as a CPA in the public accounting world, wearing the face of those I was seeking approval from but would never be. I could take all the tests, pass all courses with flying colors, excel at the work, and even convince others I enjoyed it. Most importantly, I attempted to convince myself of the same. I let my own desires and passions be suppressed in order to reap financial and status quo "success".  I pushed and pursued and "effort-ed" my way through this field until I had an entire depletion of internal resources. In fact, I even was getting chronically sick while pursuing this path. My body knew before my mind that I was in the wrong story. 

My mind finally caught up to my body, and plenty of emotion spiraled through the realization. I allowed myself to wake up to my truth, which in my eyes is the greatest gift of compassion we can give ourselves. I challenged myself to show up as my best self and to move forward in my career with what I've always known deep down to be my true purpose - to help inspire and move others to live their fullest life. I am so drawn to this path because of my deep interest in people, and passion for growth and possibilities.  


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I get the pleasure of working with the kindest, most passionate, and driven people as we reshape their future. I don't let my clients settle for their default future, no. I challenge my clients to wake up to their purpose, challenge their limiting beliefs, and to create a joyful and abundant life.