Last month my business was growing at an overwhelming rate.
I stopped focusing & celebrating ALL of my business wins (even the seemingly "small" ones)
I started to feel overwhelmed, run-down, & exhausted
I was constantly on my phone, always working or always thinking about work.
People in my life were getting frustrated.

I started to look at everything through the lens of coaching - what I could bring my clients, what I could share with people in the online world, etc.

So much so, that I actually forgot to just LIVE, just BE.

The truth is, I've never grown at this insane rate in my business. And because of this, my initial reaction was to zoom into overdrive and be BUSY.

I had an old belief that to make a ton of money meant I had to be super busy.

& busy is bullshit.

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The Lie We Tell Ourselves

The Lie We Tell Ourselves

The lie we tell ourselves.

Think you know what it is?

I talk to so many people everyday & I've uncovered a pattern.

When people share and talk about their dreams, or an ideal life, they talk as if it's the worst case scenario to go after something they love. They build up a detailed case against themselves, because  they "aren't willing to put their time and energy into something that may (or may not) fail."

They are hooked on to a lie - the lie is that the WORST case scenario is failing at something they love.

To me, this couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, it feels like a bold face lie. 

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In July last year I left my full time job in finance to continue to grow my coaching business.

Barely making ends meet in my business when I started, I decided to get a part time job as a nanny to keep some stability in my life.

And guess what?

I was fired from my nannying job (after a whole 6 weeks). I had SO MUCH shame around this.

I've always been considered a "high performer" in every job I've had, and here I was getting fired. "HOW?! I'm an incredible employee and caregiver!?"I didn't understand that it wasn't about me..

I was crushed AND back to barely scrapping by.

After this shake up, I was ready to give up on my business, throw in the towel, call it quits. I felt mortified.

And then I decided...

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You are NOT stuck

You are NOT stuck

I'm a CPA turned life & business coach, helping women find purpose, passion, and financial freedom doing what they love.

I have to say this wasn't always my story.

I spent MOST of my life living for other peoples' expectations.

I got the good grades, the good jobs, the "good" life and I was SO unfulfilled.

I was so unfulfilled because I felt like I was in the wrong story.

I felt like I created a life that wasn't mine, that was so removed from who I truly was and why I am here on this planet.

I knew there was more for me.

While I knew this in my gut, and in my heart, I didn't always have the GUTS to go get it - to "unstick" myself.

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