Alignment before Action

Hi my peeps! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend. It's finally all the feels of FALL here in Minneapolis, and I'm loving getting my tumeric, tea, and squash game ramped up. 

So, today's blog is all about alignment. I signed up for Jess Lively's master class - Flow With Intention Online- where she is teaching us the fundamentals of getting into alignment before action and how it has become the catalyst for joy in all areas of her life - her business, self love, etc.

I would love to someday interview her for my blog - so stay tuned there!

Anyways, I want to share with you some of the main takeaways I've uncovered from her program thus far. 

What is Alignment?

Alignment, is being "satisfied in the present moment, and eager for more" - Jess Lively.

I LOVED hearing this definition because for me it made so much sense - it isn't leaning forward too heavily so that we are out of alignment now, and it isn't leaning backwards and fixating on the past.

Similarly, it's acknowledging as humans we do crave satisfaction in the future, and that can be an element of alignment when it is COMING from an aligned state. Meaning, that we aren't eager for more in the future so much so that we are not aligned in the present.

An example of this might look like when you're thinking of leaving a job, and are so future-focused on how leaving the job will bring you satisfaction that you loose sight of your ability to find alignment now, in your current job and circumstances.

The reality is, we all have access to the emotions that come with satisfaction now- regardless of our circumstances. It is our beliefs, and thinking about our circumstances that dictate our emotional state.

Going a step further, alignment is all about our emotional state of being in the present moment. Elevating our emotional state is SO important because we put those vibrations out into the universe, and attract what we show up as.

Why do we want to get into alignment before action?

Because, when we get into alignment before action we are raising our emotional state/vibration, and set the stage for the day.

If we can take time to start our day in a higher state we will notice more good, do more good, and be more effective in our days, and our overall life. 

Alignment before action goes back to the universal law of attraction. If we come from a place of satisfaction rather than "thirstiness" we will be attracting more satisfying things into our lives.

Alignment on a day to day

So, on a day-to-day I commit to waking up anywhere inbetween 5 -6 am to give myself 2 hours in the morning to get into alignment for my day. I do anywhere to 3-5 of the following things:

I meditate because it feels good to create space in my morning to ease into day

I do a coconut pull for 15-20 minutes because it's great for oral hygiene and it helps cure morning headaches

I make coffee because smelling and tasting coffee in the morning brings me joy

I make breakfast at home because it feels good to sit down, and write in my gratitude journal with coffee and food in hand

I watch 10-15 minutes of stand-up comedy

I listen to a podcast as I get ready

I play music and dance to wake up my body (nothing aggressive - just some light hip sways ;))

I journal

What I don't do, is I don't SHOULD all over myself. I don't force myself to do things that don't bring me inner peace or joy (like going on a cold swim, or morning run). I give myself FULL permission to only use those 2 hours to seek pleasure, joy, and appreciation.

What I have noticed so far with my alignment practice

When I am in alignment - I am of service, giving love and gratitude, and feeling light.  Lately, the area of my life where I've noticed things flowing the most when I am in alignment is my business. In fact, the less time I spend attempting to "control" elements of my business, and allowing myself to get into alignment, the more creative and inspired actions flow to me.

If I allow myself to flow, continue to seek joy, and give myself permission to elevate my emotional state throughout the day I find that I show up SO much more powerfully for my clients and in my life. 


I hope you enjoyed this blog!


With love and light,