The Big Improvement - The Big 3

I've spent my entire early career figuring out my purpose. In reality, I believe my confusion over finding my purpose and how to create a career out of it was a distraction.  What I mean by that is I always knew that I felt so energized by helping people in person and through my writing. In fact, my entire life I have played a role of a coach,  helping people through transitions, relationship issues, and identity crisis. What I didn't know in the beginning of the journey was what people would think about this career path, nor how to make it a tangible career - therefore I allowed confusion to come in and DELAY my certainty and progress.

I was an expert on the topic of being paralyzed and overly concerned with what others' opinions of me were. My entire self worth was derived on external opinions of me. There were times in my life that I completely disregarded making a change, even if my authentic life was waiting on the other side of the door. I stayed in a job I HATED and worked obscene hours all to prohibit someone making a distasteful comment about me or my career and life decisions. 

It wasn't until I had an epiphany in the airport coming home from a work trip that I realized Wait, isn't this MY life? I'm not quitting this job I am miserable in that isn't  paying me enough because I am worried what someone might  say or think about MY CHOICE on how I want to live MY LIFE? It wasn't until this very moment, and plenty of other sister moments, that I began to gear up for battle with myself and make the necessary changes to live my fullest most beautiful life. 

Here's the best part. My experiences and past entanglement with feeding self doubt and tying my worth to opinions of others has led me to become the best coach I can possibly be. Why? Because I absolutely 100% get it, and I also have managed to reroute the course of my life and I know you are capable of doing the same.  

As people, we tend to learn & grow best from hearing the raw experience of someone else who struggled through a similar situation. That's why I want to share my journey with you guys because if you can learn & adopt anything from what I've spent the last 5 years working through it's a massive win - for both of us!

So, in this blog I'm going to outline the most impactful three practices, in my opinion, to incorporate in your day to day when starting out on this journey.



1. What you believe is what you become

The work I do with my clients always always always comes back to their belief system. This is why I also specialize as a thought coach, because belief systems form after thoughts have been thought so repeatedly.

Exercise: I want you to start to envision your most joy filled life and  journal on the following questions:

A. What does your most joy filled life look like?

Prompt: Where are you? Who are you with? Do you look different?

B. What adjectives do you use to describe yourself in this joy filled life

Guide: I.e. confident, excited, etc.

2. Lego your lingo: language is massively imporatant - especially in transition

Exercise: Begin describing yourself in language of your passion or inherent interest. The next time someone at a party or a grocery store asks "what you do?" I want you to respond with something OTHER than "I AM (fill in job title)."

Guide: Instead of saying "I AM a CPA" a shift to saying "I help people find their best selves." Or, instead of "I AM a logistics manager" say "I capture the beauty in raw form by practicing photography" or simply "I practice photography."

Moderation: If you are not yet in a place where you are comfortable stating your passion than try switching from "I am an attorney" to "I practice law."

3. Reaffirm Your Limitless Life

Exercise: Anytime a potential "limit" or "restriction" comes up as you begin to develop your transition I want you to practice thinking about yourself in 5 years from now. ANYTIME you are worried, stressed, or unsure about the next step I want you to peal back. I'm not asking you to be careless but I'm asking you to practice being fearless. If you peal back from a situation and ask yourself "What would my future self say or think about this situation?" and you find the answer to be "Umm he/she wouldn't" than attempt easing yourself by not spending more than 5 seconds worrying about it today. THIS DOES NOT  MEAN THAT YOU DO NOT PLAN. It's the exact opposite - this frees you up to plan for the most aligned future.

I hope you found these big 3 suggestions helpful!! 

Cheers lovelies,