Last month my business was growing at an overwhelming rate.
I stopped focusing & celebrating ALL of my business wins (even the seemingly "small" ones)
I started to feel overwhelmed, run-down, & exhausted
I was constantly on my phone, always working or always thinking about work.
People in my life were getting frustrated.

I started to look at everything through the lens of coaching - what I could bring my clients, what I could share with people in the online world, etc.

So much so, that I actually forgot to just LIVE, just BE.

The truth is, I've never grown at this insane rate in my business. And because of this, my initial reaction was to zoom into overdrive and be BUSY.

I had an old belief that to make a ton of money meant I had to be super busy.

& busy is bullshit.

You cannot hustle your way to a multiple six figure business.

It takes structure, strategy, boundaries, self love and FUN and FULFILLMENT.

So February is all about stretching into massive new financial milestones from a place of fun & fulfillment

What's your soundtrack for February?