Multifaceted, "the play of light on the diamond's multifaceted surface."

Isn't that exactly it? Isn't that exactly what we are all experiencing as we walk through our beautiful, constantly shifting lives? Every day there are different elements, different parts of ourselves that pull through.  We are all so complex, and so far beyond the storied and situational version of ourselves.


With all these layers of complexity and individualism, it seems certain that most of us are not destine for just one job or one trajectory. The part of ourselves scintillating in the light in the present moment is rather a mere reflection of part(s) of ourselves we are revealing, whether it be in our career, relationships, or community. We are multifaceted. We also get to decide what parts of ourselves we want to see ignite, grow, and accelerate. 

I know the feeling and thought of being "stuck" and in reality none of us are. The beauty of being an adult is YOU decide everyday to go to work, to run that mile, to cook a healthy meal, etc. YOU also have the gift of saying - maybe it's time to reroute, or a more laissez faire approach and saying screw it. Rerouting may look like quitting your steady job with health benefits to start a juice bar or write your first book, or rerouting for you might be starting to refocus and put a deeper emphasis on getting more self care or confidence. Or rerouting might be finding the time for your creative outlet, or determining whether or not to go to graduate school, or finding more time with friends. However big or small it is - it is a purposeful divergence in thought that strikes action in YOUR life. You are the only person who can set mental limits on your journey, and the only one who can attract what you want in life. You hold the power.

What would life look like if you stopped limiting yourself, stopped listening to self doubt, and stopped creating false mental stories of what others may think?

How full could life be if you refrained from believing and feeding these destructive thought patterns?

The saying "starting over" is one that doesn't sit well with me. Although it's never to late to reevaluate what YOUR most curious and excited about in this world and how to cultivate a life of that- it does not ring synonomous with "starting over". Starting over employs that you take a big fat eraser and remove what's been learned and experienced and seeped into you. Starting over ignores the fact that everything you've experienced thus far has opened you to a new way, including the pain. Starting over is a mediocre half ass attempt at explaining transition in our multi faceted unique lives.

The point being, if you are wanting change - subtle or significant - don't doubt your ability to cultivate it! Don't stop yourself from etching another surface on your multifaceted, beautiful, jagged life.