The Two Sided Tango


The Two Sided Tango

I believe we experience life through two lenses, our true higher self which has been gifted to us from the beginning (unlearned), and our limiting/worrisome self that has grown and developed (learned) as she walked through life.  Both of these parts of ourselves are there for a distinct and evolutionary purpose. Our higher self has and always will be. It is there to remind us that no external scenario can change this innate creature within us. It is always there, but it is a quiet knowing, and that can be overshadowed by our fast thinking learned self that fuels worry and self doubt. Our learned self genuinely thinks it’s doing its job by protecting us from social ridicule, shame, unemployment, or worse. Yet, our true self, knows that none of those things have the power to abolish it’s presence – regardless of how long it takes to be uncovered again.

Have you experienced a moment where you moved or did something incredible without thinking through every single worst case scenario? If the answer is yes, which I hope it is, then have you noticed another part of yourself caught up shortly after to remind you of every worst case scenario that could or could not happen? If the answer to that is also yes, than I’m sure you are in the majority of the rest of us cohabiting this earth.

Why do you think as people we are so attracted to the most confident person in the room? It’s not because the most confident person in the room doesn’t experience any doubts or limiting beliefs. I believe that’s the human condition. Rather, this person makes a conscious decision to pursue onward authentically and own his/her nature, despite the doubting part of him/herself. This doesn’t mean you have to be the most gregarious person in the room either – in fact, it could mean the exact opposite if that is not authentic and genuine to you. It could mean remaining still and silent in a chatty group because you know you approve of yourself before anyone else. To me, this sounds like freedom.

Regardless of our possessions, relationships, careers, pasts and futures – these two sides of our mental stories will be there – the learned and unlearned (or ego and intuition). However, we get to decide each day which side we want to strengthen and spend a lifetime closer to.

My main focus of 2017 has been to raise my intuitive/unlearned voice, and move in mindful ways that feed it. I know the learned part of me will be there, along the way, but it’s okay because those thoughts are often thinking they are protecting me. I am striving to make a conscious effort to acknowledge them, but not to move or feed their endless loop/emotion/ or actions. After all, our brain is wired to be efficient and to think the thoughts we’ve been historically thinking very quickly. My focus is to consciously choose a different side to listen to, and to gently acknowledge the other side. It’s a dance.

Cheers to the two sided tango!