Money Mindset

Let's Talk about Money

Money is often considered taboo or tasteless to talk about, but it plays such a significant role in our wellbeing, lifestyle, self-perception, relationships, etc. and therefore I think it's vital to open the dialogue around it. 

We cannot go one day without being in the presence of money. Whether it's items or services that we purchased with money (i.e. laptops, our phones, roads, etc.) or sold for money, or money itself - it is all around us.

Yet, as a society, we NEVER question our mindset around money or our relationship with it.

I want to change that.

My Money Relationship

I want to tell you a story about my relationship with money, and how it has developed with my career into entrepreneurship.

When I was at my corporate job I was not fulfilled and really feeling as if I was in the wrong story. I had a very different relationship with money at this time. I would find myself thinking thoughts like "Well, I'm going to buy this and do that because if I'm in a job I don't enjoy ith a boss I struggle with, then I might as well be able to give myself everything I want (materially speaking)." Looking back, it's so clear to see that I didn't have a relationship with money or not a very healthy one at least. I chose to use money as a matter to release steam and fill a void of dissatisfaction.

Today, I am finding such joy and fulfillment with the work I do in my business and as a byproduct, my relationship with money has entirely shifted, and my bank account has grown. I am no longer using money to "escape" and I actually enjoy HAVING money.  

I am no longer using money to "numb" or "distract" myself. I enjoy HAVING money, watching it grow in my bank account, and saving it for travel and things I value, rather than just giving it away mindlessly. 


1. The Way We Think about Money: Scarcity vs. Abundance Mindset

Money is NEUTRAL. Money is nothing more than an exchange of energy, and it is our thinking ABOUT money that ties a positive or negative story around it. Our thoughts around money further instill our problems or provide solutions.

It can be tempting to discredit this lesson and to blame our circumstances but remember that gives UP our power. "I AM THE PROBLEM. I AM THE SOLUTION."

I can tell you that in the past I've had a scarcity money mindset. My scarcity mindset co-created my reality for many years, keeping me in the wrong jobs, with low pockets - up until I finally decided to choose again and believe it was possible to create abundance for myself.

The shift in my money mindset allowed me to operate from a place of possibility. When I shifted to "Yes I can and I will create more money for myself" I was coming from an energy of possibility (rather than defeat and "what could go wrong").  As I shifted my mindset, I took my business full time and signed more clients than ever before, I crushed my business goals, and created an entirely different reality for myself. 

Because I was no longer operating from a place of scarcity I began investing in myself- hiring my own coaches, signing up for Yoga Teacher Training, and FWIO with Jess Lively. Every dollar I've spent on myself I've seen come back in my business.

Change your mindset around money, and you will change your reality. We are always going to be 10,000x more likely to succeed when we are operating from a place of possibility and positivity.

Our Mindsets->Our Emotions->Our Actions->Our Results

So ask yourself this - how do you want to think and feel about money?

Remind yourself, that you get to decide how you want to think and feel about money, regardless of your circumstances. *It's going to be very tempting here to build up a case AGAINST yourself on how you want to think and feel about money based on your CIRCUMSTANCES.* Each time you find yourself here, choose again.  

The root to change your money reality is changing your thoughts about money, and ultimately your relationship.

Exercise for determining your money mindset:

Fill in the blanks of the following sentence. 

Money is______________

Money was____________

Money will be_________

I heard about this exercise from Brooke Castillo, an incredible coach, and I brought this to some of my entrepreneur clients. I found that an exercise as simple as this can clearly strip down the mindset you are operating from - a scarcity or an abundance mindset.

Keep in mind, if the answers don't come to you immediately, be patient - this is your money mindset & our money mindsets often go unquestioned in our society. This is likely why you’re experiencing resistance – take your time and allow the answers to flow to you.

Keep in mind, that your mindset (scarcity vs. abundance) has nothing to do with your actual bank account. You can always choose a different thought, and watch as you shift your reality.



2. Money as a Means of Our Values

When I work with clients on money mindset I often hear about all the external evidence they have built up against themselves – i.e. having debt, student loans, rent, etc. and therefore believing abundance isn’t in the cards for them or that they cannot start their business because of it.

I reassure them that those realities are true if they choose to invest in them with their thoughts. Then, I ask them to take a big couple sips of water. Suspend their ego. And listen.

Every single dollar I spend my money on is towards a value of mine and I am not a victim to my circumstances, I am the creator.

When I pay rent each month – it’s because I value living in Minneapolis with my significant other.

When I pay my student loans each month – it’s because I value the higher education I received

When I pay for car insurance – it’s because I value being able to drive my car around and the freedom it provides me

When I pay self-employment taxes – it’s because I value running my own business and being my own boss

TAKE BACK YOUR POWER. You are not a victim and watching your money disappear. You are choosing to spend it on things you value. You could decide to not pay your rent, although I wouldn’t advise it. It’s a choice, nonetheless.

Once you begin to fully understand money is only a tool to live out our values it will further instill that it is neutral. You create the story, so why not choose one of power and possibility?


Stay tuned for another blog this week on:

Creating value, EFT Tapping around money blocks,  & openness to receiving money