Procrastination due to avoiding emotional discomfort



The only way out of emotional discomfort is through it.  

The last several months have been very intensive as I've worked on expanding my business to a full time career, and opened up to almost everyone I meet on my decision to switch from a career as a CPA to a career as a life coach.  It's been months of self discovery, excitement, energy, and guess what - fear. Why? Because moving in the way of our dreams comes with a side of vulnerability.

If we avoid discomfort we  end up procrastinating our joy. I know this first hand as I was recently avoiding a personal conversation with a family member. I didn't know how to tell him about my divergence from the CPA path to pursue life coaching. I was fearful of his reaction, and in result I avoided the conversation entirely. It wasn't until the other week that I finally embraced the discomfort, and although it was true that I didn't quite get the support I was hoping for, my response to the conversation was entirely unpredictable.

Don't you love it when you surprise yourself?

Instead of using his response to mean something about ME, I let it completely stay with him. The reality is, the closest people in our lives are trying to protect us and give us what they think would make us happy, and I do not fault him for trying to support me in the way he understood. Instead, the conversation unlocked something within me.

I realized that I was procrastinating letting my business fully take off because of my fear of my family member's reaction. Once I opened up discussion with this family member it not only set me free but it fueled me to hustle harder with my business. I began to MOVE, to give all my energy to creating this reality, and brought in more clients in the following week than previous months! 

Avoiding discomfort is synonymous for procrastination when starting a business, taking a career leap, or starting/ending a relationship. If you want to live your most joy filled life and kick ass at doing it - start practicing moving gracefully in uncomfortable situations. Do not shove your uncomfortable emotions down, acknowledge them and make them yours to move forward and turn them into your power.  

What I coach my clients on is not to avoid the full range of emotions, because the discomfort almost always is the stepping stone to the joyous life. You have to walk through the woods to get to the beautiful beach. Embrace discomfort, make it your friend, because doing so will be your differentiator for success - I promise you.