Approve of yourself before ANYONE else



"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire"

I love working with entrepreneurial spirits because I find them to be so energized and inspired by their niche and service to give back to the world. 

So how do I tap into the entrepreneurial mindset and crush my goals for my business and career? 

I truly believe all successful people, entrepreneurial or not, are able to achieve their goals because they respect their opinion of themselves the most. Period. They are the person that they cannot afford to let down, and they care more about this than the opinion others might have (or might not have). 

Here's the deal, if we are able to approve of ourselves before anyone else, then that's where the real magic happens. When we approve of ourselves before anyone else then we finally have the liberty to uncap our true nature and share it with the world. Doing anything less than sharing our truth is a disservice to the universe. 


Honor yourself, and your commitments you've set with yourself, for your relationship with yourself is the longest one you will have on this planet. You cannot afford to be anything less than your highest standard for yourself.

Let "I approve of myself before anyone else" be your mantra for the remainder of the week. Let it fill you up as you start your day and drive you to do the incredible things you were meant to do. 

Let's go!