Tips to Leave Your Current Job - Thought Coaching

Tips to leave your current job

I have some big news to share with you guys! I am taking my coaching business full time mid-July and I have officially resigned from my current place of employment.

I wanted to write this blog to lay out the thought coaching I was working on with myself over the past couple of months. Thought coaching is slightly different because it focuses on the internal stories we are playing in our heads, and operates under the conclusion that we hold the power to think and feel as we chose about each and every situation in our life. In fact, the thought is the precursor to the emotion and situation (more to come below). In my opinion, thought coaching is the FIRST step necessary to bring about any big change within our lives. We cannot manifest big changes without being the big change ourselves. 

Each step I lay out below is specific to my own journey with coaching myself through launching my business, and leading up to resigning at my current employer.  I hope you find this helpful.

After the internal thought coaching, comes the external action.  Stay tuned this month for the action-oriented, step-by-step blog that walks you through the planning that takes place when leaving your current job.

Are you ready to leave your current job behind you? Are you also feeling paralyzed or stuck, and if so, why? Are you afraid of what this would mean for you financially? Are you afraid to leave behind your amazing co-workers? Or, are you afraid what they will think of you for leaving?  

1. Become aware of your limiting or anxious beliefs about your situation

If you found yourself thinking YES to all of these questions  - it's okay - I too have been there, and there is a way out of the anxious spiral. In order to pull yourself out of your anxious spiral you need to be aware of what is triggering you. When are you thinking these thoughts? What is the most common soundtrack you are hearing?

It's so important to understand your thoughts playing in your mind because they are the root of your emotions. Thinking a thought evokes a physical emotion within you, and emotions catapult your actions in this world. Your actions, create your circumstances. Do you see the trend here? It goes a little something like this: Thought->Emotion->Action->Circumstance. Thoughts are the root of your reality. They are NOT some quiet voice in your head that gets away with whatever they say.

Practice: I suggest journaling each night when you are winding down from the day for a few minutes. Or, I personally brought my sketch pad notebook (favorite thing to take notes in) along with me everyday and jotted down when I was beginning to spiral.

2. Understand you can always choose again

So now that you are aware of the common themes going on inside your head, I want you to become VERY aware that you have a choice in what thought you feed. Our mind is wired to be as efficient as possible. It is wired to think the thoughts we've been thinking, only faster and faster each day. Our minds are also malleable and we are SO capable of creating new networks, new thoughts and ultimately beliefs about ourselves and our situation.

A dear friend, and a personal teacher of mine, put it this way - imagine you are scrolling on Netflix and instead of movies and TV shows being displayed your thoughts are. As you are scrolling maybe you find "I am not enough" or "there is no time!" featured - if you do, KEEP SCROLLING. Don't waste your time and energy on these limiting beliefs, otherwise you might entirely miss the glorious "I can, and I will" or "Yes, I feel the fear, and I am going to pursue onward regardless".

Remember, you are faced with a magnitude of choices each day - what outfit to wear, what to eat for lunch, whether or not you should work out, etc. - but there is no choice more important than the one that goes on within your head. I repeat, your thoughts are NOT just some quiet voice in your head that get away with whatever they say. You can always choose again. How powerful could you be if you stopped doubting yourself? How magnificent could you be if you allowed yourself to become the woman you were meant to be? 

Do not judge your process, and just know - you can always choose again.

Practice: reflect on your thoughts you have been journaling about. Begin to group them, and label them as soundtracks. Then, chose a counter- position and meditate with that mantra. For example, my mental soundtrack is "I am not enough" and I chose to believe "I can, and I will." I meditate for 10-15 minutes, and then I repeat "I can and I will". 

3. Root to rise

This is a common saying you will hear in yoga class. It has always stuck with me, even after class, I find myself mouthing the words "root to rise." It's catchy, but it's also core-striking. What I mean by that, is when I say these words I feel a sense of myself that deeply understands the meaning.

This step, in the thought coaching is geared towards you grounding yourself. Once you've taken back the reigns on your thoughts, or maybe even just realized you have the reigns,  it's important to begin rooting yourself - or in my opinion this translates to spending your time wisely.

What grounds you? What fills you up, and makes you feel more connected to your higher self? 

Times of transition are overwhelming, and they may strike a nerve in you. That is why it's so unbelievable important to intentionally carve some time out for you to ground down. This might mean saying no to some happy hours in order to go to a yoga class or read at a coffee shop. Or, it might mean attending all the happy hours to fill you up. You know best what brings you mojo - make sure you go do it.

The thought coaching comes in here because I've worked with some clients, and people in my personal life, that feel a sense of guilt when they take time out of their lives for themselves. Yet, they intellectually know that in order to show up in full force for others, they need to fill themselves up first. The missing link here is not their intellectual understanding, because they get the concept, but rather the deeper knowing that is formulated through practice. The deeper knowing of this concept can only be obtained through truly tuning into what YOU need, and to abolish your guilt around it.  This takes practice, and it takes self compassion, and knowing yourself in order to root to rise to each occasion your in life - including leaving a corporate job to open your juice bar.

Practice: Talk to someone close to you in your life about the concept of "rooting to rise". I suggest talking about role models you've seen in life who've effectively accomplished this, or even your relationship with this concept through childhood and how it may have or not have been reinforced.  Ideally, find a buddy or someone to practice this concept with, and to talk to about your progress.

With love and light,