Tips to leave your current job (part 2): action-oriented coaching

Happy beautiful Wednesday my people! I'm sitting here in Chicago - I will be here until the first of August - so please don't hesitate to reach out if you're in the area and would like to grab coffee, or even explore a one-on-one session. Before I jump into today's content I want you to sit down and take a pulse on where you are at. How are you feeling today? What's lighting you up? What are you merely putting up with? How do you re-frame your reality?

Now, it's time to dive into the action-oriented stage of coaching to leave your current job. It is crucial that before we take action we lay the foundation of thought coaching - so if you haven't already done so please read tips to leave you current job: thought coaching before continuing on.

Taking action stems from a good foundation. I advise my clients to take action when they are feeling aligned, certain, and ready to move forward with their lives. It is important to understand that if you are wanting to leave your current job but you are not feeling aligned, certain, and ready then the thought coaching is not yet complete. 

For example, I have worked with a client who was certain in her gut that she was ready to leave a current employer. Yet, each time she started planning her departure she began to spiral into a realm of "what ifs". She over-assessed potential opportunities that came her way - which ultimately kept her in the same job. As we began our thought coaching she uncovered what was really holding her back. After being in the same company for an extended amount of time she had remaining anxious beliefs of starting all over somewhere new.  It wasn't until she worked past those thoughts that she was able to take long-lasting and effective action into a job aligned with her interests and pay expectations. 

Step 1: Put an actual deadline on your calendar

put an actual deadline on your calendar

MARK IT DOWN! Set a realistic date in mind where you want to be out. If you are a true millennial -and no longer keep hard-copy calendars - mark it as a private reminder in your outlook or gmail cal. Having an actual date in mind is crucial, even if you overextend your time or do not make that day your actual last day, there is now momentum on your side.

Step 2: Visualize where you want to be

visualize where you want to be

ASK yourself the questions you need to, and do not be afraid to go there with yourself! This step is designed to move beyond defining yourself by what you don't want, and instead envisioning and designing a life from a higher energy of what compels you. 

Where you do you want to be?

What would bring you relief? What would bring you more joy?

If you were to work backwards, what would the version of yourself in 5 years from now be happy you did?  

**Be honest with yourself, and stay open to new avenues.**

*This is where it is vital to have a coach. I truly mean this. I spent over TWO years on this step until I wised up and got my own coach. I knew within TWO months of working with my coach what was there for me all along - that I am an entrepreneur, and my purpose is to coach other entrepreneurs through the journey.

If you are interested in coaching AND ready reach out and we can schedule a free 30 minute mini-session to determine if we are a fit. I ask for you to come ready for a coaching experience; meaning, I do not spend significant time explaining the concept of coaching because I would rather you experience it first-hand in our first session.

Step 3: Gather information

gather information

Sure, this step isn't the sexiest but it's VITAL. You need to begin thinking about what is next. The tips described in the thought coaching blog are for preparing you to LEAVE the job, but the more important piece is often the answer to the question - where are you going? 

Make a list of 5-10 absolute musts you will need in your future position or business (i.e. flexibility, salary, 401k, etc.): these are typically concrete and easily defined. *Stay tuned for blog on negotiating.

Make a list of people in your network who inspire you and whom you would enjoy working with. You do not have to limit yourself to the current industry you are in if you are looking to move directions. I recommend reaching out to a handful of individuals and meeting for coffee, lunch, etc. to learn about their companies, industry, lifestyle, etc. Do not be timid about reaching out to people in your network - that's what it is there for! Plus, I personally love when I get emails or calls like this from people in my network.**If you find your unsure of who to add to this list then I suggest reaching out to a few recruiters.

Step 4: Assess opportunities & TRUST your gut!


TAP into your gut! As you are going through your interviews be sure to reflect on each one afterwards. Often, in the interviewing process we are so consumed in getting the job and performing well in an interview that we don't put enough emphasis on how we felt before, during, and after. You have innate wisdom within you. This wisdom is often referred to as intuition, gut, soul, etc. It's the part of you that can assess and know things BEYOND what it appears as on paper. Do NOT leave this at the door when you are interviewing and assessing opportunities.

Majority of us get stuck in our analytical, "what if?" minds. Don't get me wrong, being able to be analytical and strategize is a positive, but like anything else, it can be detrimental when we don't couple it with our intuition.

There have been countless stories in my own personal life where I decided to not follow my gut, and instead walk the analytically sound path. Each time, a huge part of me knew that certain career paths, jobs, relationships, bosses, etc. were not going to be right for me. Yet, each time I convinced myself temporarily that I could commit to something that was NOT inherently me. The beauty of this is that nothing is lost, and every experience in life is an opportunity for growth. And, for me personally, my travel away from my intuition has only made me a stronger coach in bringing my clients to their own.

As you are assessing your future remember you have a choice to tap into your gut. If your gut is telling you to do something different, something less safe, something less perfect on paper - trust that there is a reason. If you decide to not listen today the lesson will present itself later, and nothing is lost.