Meg Cerney - Life & Mindset Coach | Business Coach |  CPA

This is what a breakthrough looks like. This exact, raw emotion I experienced when I said YES to myself - when I left my full time job & pursued my dreams as a coach, and surpassed my business goals.  I went from being paralyzed in fear to transforming and up-leveling my reality.

I want EVERY client I work with to experience powerful breakthroughs and real results in their lives. 

If you choose to work with me as your coach we will coach to the goals, to real outcomes.

The private coaching will be catered to you, using my life & business mastery coaching methods.

I provide you space to uncover more about yourself, find clarity and direction, and powerful coaching for you to create your most prosperous life. 


Is working with a coach right for you?

-> Do you feel stuck, or unsure of how to get to a better place (in business, career, relationships)?

-> Are you wanting more confidence in yourself and what you have to offer?

-> Do you make decisions based on fear, rather than excitement?

-> Do you feel uncertain on your career path, or growth of your business?

-> Do you find yourself thinking that money is hard, and abundance is just not possible without sacrificing your passion?

-> Are you committed to seeing change in your life?

-> Are you committed to investing in yourself?

If you answered YES to the above, then we recommend scheduling a 30 minute discovery session with Meg to see if it's a fit!


Most importantly, if you commit to working with a coach you are committing to a different future than the one that would've arrived by default. 

Coaching Services & Products: